I made this.

NewImageEye.Center is designed to be a responsive, one page site with several additional pages that are very separate from the index. The goal was to achieve a professional web presence that conveyed all applicable information efficiently. Bootstrap was used for additional components, such as buttons and menus, however the bootstrap framework was not used for the responsive design.
New Image Eye Center
CSGO Mall's website was designed as a one-page landing, advertising an upcoming website. The goal was to achieve a very sleek, flashy presence that convinced users to sign up for a beta. Skrollr was used for a parallax effect, and bootstrap was implemented to give other admins easier access to the code, however it is used virtually nowhere on the actual website.
My second website was created as an exercise in custom responsive frameworks and minimalistic design. Instead of using a tool, e.g. bootstrap, I designed my own responsive layout from scratch. I still use this framework on my current website, although it has been improved vastly. This was also the first website where I used absolutely no images, except for the portfolio.
MacroPower.co (old)
Immense.Space is an upcoming website that will be designed and operated by me. I plan on using this as a hub to post information that would be considered irrelevant to my business website, such as downloads and technical write-ups. The website will be heavily centered around bootstrap.
Fastcoin.ca was created to rally support for a growing cryptocurrency, featured on Bloomberg Business, in addition to many other networks. PHP was used to retrieve data and perform basic calculations to display data on the index. Several other tools were used for menus and sliders. Sadly, the non-profit foundation ran low on funds and was unable to continue.
TradersGuild.net was created as a forum for one of the largest Steam Trading groups in existence. MyBB was used heavily -- in fact, one might be wise to consider this a theme design, more than anything else. That being said, it was my first experience working exclusively with a child stylesheet, which was certainly an interesting learning experience.
An alternate design for Gamble.TF, converted from an about page for Steam Interface. I thought it was a good, minimal design, however it was almost universally disliked due to its similarities to other interfaces by Microsoft, therefore it was never used. And that's all I have to say about that.
Gamble.tf (alt)
Gamble.TF was a very simplistic design for a system by which users could wager virtual money on competitive TF2 teams. This is one of the first websites I created. It did not use any tools or frameworks, but suffered as a result of that, as I had not yet developed my own system for responsive design. The entire project perished very quickly, but it was still a good introduction to more complex CSS.
TheBogg.org was a wordpress website I maintained and themed. The primary goal was to increase readability, however most of my time was spent simply editing content for the site owners. This was the first time I touched CSS, and therefore everything moved very slowly. I no longer manage the website, and the current theme was made by another volunteer.
This is the oldest version of MacroPower.co that was ever published. I created it as a hub to post my contact information and trading reputation, as I was very involved in trading at the time. It did not use any frameworks, though a few tools were used for the sliders and forms.
MacroPower.co (old)
Steam Interface was created to be the first website of a branch of a popular game review website. This is the first time I used parallax effects in a design. No frameworks were used.
Steam Interface
ClarityScripts was designed as an interface for a transcription service. No frameworks were used. This was the first time I used JavaScript to supplement a design, and the results were actually quite good. The project was adopted by another developer who did a very poor job integrating bootstrap into the design, thus the current website is not a good example of my design.