Steam Group
Welcome to, here you will find new reviews on video games (and other media), contact information, trades, game giveaways, and more. I build computers to your exact specifications, from all-in-one to full-tower; and also offer product repair and setup for those in the Ohio area. Information on my web deveolpent can be found on the "Websites" page. Despite other skills, I am probably best known for trading Team Fortress 2 items through Steam and TF2Shop. If you have any questions, requests, or work to be done, feel free to contact me via the "Contact" page.
''Fast, courteous and pleasant to deal with. Would trade again, 10/10.''
''I trust this guy more than my own parents.''
- Socky Sock
''One of the best traders I have encountered.''
- sq
With over 500 unique and positive reviews from customers all over the world, you can be confident that every job or trade will exceed your expectations. My reputation spans across over five different and popular forums and websites, such as SourceOp.
On any project, I always offer full personalization. Whether you want a certain brand or type of component in your new build, or you just want a few elements changed on your new website, I will always working with you to deliver your wildest dream.
I never cease to strive for new and remarkable things. You can expect creative, practical solutions to any problem, and design that steps out of the bounds of average.