Who am I?

Well, I'm so glad you asked.

This is all very old and will be replaced soon: I am a Computer Technician. I build custom computers, ranging from small, all-in-one computers, all the way to full-tower gaming computers. I also repair computers, whether it be replacing a faulty part, or removing a virus.

I am a Designer. I have designed numerous websites and themes, as well as other miscellaneous items. Though I consider myself adept at front-end design, I am far from being a good artist, and therefore am not the person to contact if you need a proper hand-drawn logo (or other graphic) designed. For some samples of work that I have done, head over to my portfolio!

I am a Developer. I write code for the front-end of websites. This includes animation, positioning, compatibility, and optimization. I try to use as few images as possible, and do most of the design through pure code. This saves you money, reduces stress on your servers, and provides faster load times for customers.

What do I use?

You didn't really think I did this all myself, did you?

Thanks to Fabian Kozdon for letting me use his 3D render of a tree.
Thanks to Animate.css for providing some templates for animations.
Thanks to Stack Overflow for letting me keep my sanity.
Thanks to Font Squirrel for hosting these amazing fonts.
Thanks to typer.js for the effect on my home page that makes me look way cooler than I really am.
Thanks to evobrained for the amazing low-poly background images you see here.
Thanks to Paint.net and Inkscape for being immensely helpful in the creation of the low-poly art here.
Thanks to Font Awesome for every icon you see on this website.

Well, I'm out of breath now.